Ardexa applications are intuitive and simple to operate. Videos are available for most of the core functions. If you can find what you need, simply let us know.

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Challenges of operating remote weather stations

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Advancing reliability in remote IoT systems using Ardexa black-box recorder

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Open source software to extract data from your Solar Log unit and move it to your own cloud

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Free cloud data connection and open source software to extract Davis weather station data

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Self-serve, API security token generator now added to the Ardexa App

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UNIX sockets now supported as an input type for Ardexa Agent

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Open-source software to connect solar inverters to the cloud

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White Papers

  • Executive Whitepapers
  • Technical Whitepapers
  • IoT Design Principles

    An executive style whitepaper that discusses the fundamental design principles for a successful IoT implementation.  Often the fundamentals of many implementations are flawed from the very start, and subsequent problems are a direct of result of setting the wrong foundation.  If you are about to launch into an IoT program, this is a short paper may help you get the correct bearings.

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  • IoT Agent Design Principles

    Many people starting with Industry 4.0 or general IoT programs are coming to the realisation that an effective agent is fundamental.  Realising the importance of an agent is one thing.  Knowing how to design an effective agent is another.  This technical paper outlines that breadth of functions and features that are important.  It will help you build your check-list of agent features and explain why these are important.

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